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Stud still on the up THE rise of prominent Kentucky stud farm Castleton Lyons shows no signs of gearing down, despite the recent death of its founder,
Motorists are gearing down for three months of delays on one of Huddersfield's main roads.
Rolling Contact "Coupling" For Orbiting Gear Devices - Ikona's new, compact coupling represents a breakthrough for orbiting/cycloidal gear systems which are used in applications such as gearing down electric motors to operate conveyor belts.
Instead, you hang on that bit more, leaning to the left and gearing down into third and braking before you hit the bend, then sharply pull over to the right and 'glide' round the bend before once again hammering the accelerator.
This is a place where elderly snowbirds descend en masse in winter - that sound isn't a great flapping of wings, it's the groan of RV engines gearing down.