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The model is likely to be priced higher than the regular gearless scooters such as Honda Activa or TVS Jupiter and is to compete with other premium scooters such as the Vespa range and Aprilia SR150.
The Gearless Drive System has been developed in cooperation by ThyssenKrupp and Siemens and was first installed in the Prosper-Haniel coal mine in Germany in 1985.
These are the years, when having two gearless panamaxes will be financially more viable and sensible than operating the un-loader.
It was reported that the Japanese major is well-known for its gearless technology for two-wheelers globally.
Otis' facilities will also feature advanced product development, manufacturing and testing capabilities for Gen2 elevators and gearless systems with energy-efficient permanent magnet machines.
OEMs can now offer the benefits of shaft-mounted, gearless motors in a whole range of applications that have previously had cumbersome and heavy electromechanical drives as the only alternative, according to the manufacturer.
The Theorema 10 Stealth Gearless press is faster, at up to 350 metre/minute, than its eight-colour predecessor and offers advanced electronic features, with highly accurate registration and superior print quality, rivalling results previously only achievable by the rotagravure process.
Then came electricity and gearless traction, giving rise to the next wave of high-rise, typified by the Woolworth and the Singer buildings.
The RollerDrive GL Series of gearless motorized conveyor rollers provides a safe and efficient alternative to conventional rollers.
The scope of the order, valued at $37 million, includes: the supply of gearless mill drives for a 11.
The motor contains electromagnetic coils that surround a gearless flywheel.
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