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The blue gearwheels are installed to the lay shaft and spin on the yellow shaft.
Products produced with POM compound include clock and watch parts, rollers, bearings, gearwheels, and housing parts.
MultiMix is designed with a direct drive motor so that no gearwheels or friction wheels are required, unlike some conventional mixers where the gearwheels and friction wheels tend to wear down.
The electric motors, gearwheels and additional components originated from Swiss technology enterprises.
This procurement is for replacement with new of the current Gearwheels and Pinions on the Piccadilly Line as part of its life extension programme.
The printing process runs as follows: while the cylinders connected with gearwheels 7 and pressed against each other along their generatrices rotate and deform the blanket, the prints from the ink-moistened printing forms are transferred to the blankets 5 and from them--to the both sides of the paper tape 8 moving between the blanket cylinders 3, 4.
In addition, the tool has three-stage planetary gears with durable all-metal gearwheels and sealed bearings.