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The most attractive quality of gel dosimeters is that they act both as a phantom and a detector.
All the men in the family might use the same jar of styling gel.
Because other cleaning gels for artworks can't switch states like this, they are difficult to remove without disturbing the paint, particularly when they seep into the artwork's cracks and pores, says organic chemist Richard Weiss at Georgetown University in Washington, D.
Pinpoint gels, referred to as "applesauce," look like dust particles entrapped in resin.
We attempted to develop an autologous platelet gel biologic dressing that would improve the re-epithelialization process following the creation of superficial laser skin burns.
The gel of older (therefore, larger) Aloe Vera plants is more effective than that of "baby" plants.
Helmut Meyer, CEO, Prot@gen, a proteomics company, known for its expertise in 2D gels, stated: "Compugen's Z3 image analysis software takes only 10 minutes to provide complete analysis of proteins, compared with the up to two days it takes for rival products.
The gels are not designed to replace energy drinks, but to provide that extra shot of pure carbohydrate during training or endurance competition.
Rogers and his coworkers also found that the active ingredient in the gel is a compound called filamentous proteophosphoglycan (fPPG), a protein coated with sugar molecules.
Introduced last month at the NPE show, these systems focus on tiny gels to help identify processing problems early on.
The goal of our study was to attempt to reproduce those results and independently assess the effect of zinc nasal gel on the duration of common cold symptoms.
The BST-GEL family of gels is an attractive technology in the delivery of growth factors and genes to accelerate the repair of fresh bone fractures.