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Absorbable gelatin sponge (gelfoam) in otosurgery: one cause of undesirable postoperative results?
When application of gelatin sponge alone does not bring about hemostasis, try topical thrombin (Thrombin-JMI; Jones Pharma, Bristol, Va).
Repositioning the clip satisfactorily treats this complication, either through unclipping and repositioning or reorientation with oxidized cellulose or gelatin sponge as in our case.
The middle ear was filled with absorbable gelatin sponge, and the tympanic membrane perforation was repaired with a temporal fascia underlay graft.
Moreover, researchers say, the gelatin sponge system ultimately may prove useful as an "artificial organ" capable of secreting any of a number of proteins.
gelatin sponge within each surgical indication, and to confirm the overall safety results from the Phase II Fibrocaps trials completed in 2011.
Surgifoam Absorbable Gelatin Sponge has been used in surgery in Europe for the past fifty years and is now available for use in the United States.
TORONTO -- According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), the global authority on medical technology market intelligence, while gelatin sponge particles have been the only available type of embolization particle in Japan, the expected approval of alternative types of embolization particles such as microspheres and drug-eluting beads will lead to a decline of the gelatin sponge particles market.
Supply and Delivery of Haemostatic DressingsScope includes (but not limited to) Oxidised Cellulose Gauze for use in specialised surgical areas and Gelatin Sponge (application and implantable)
Product Introductions/Innovations II-40 Johnson & Johnson Unveils SURGIFOAM Absorbable Gelatin Sponge II-40 Capsugel Introduces OceanCaps Fish Gelatin Capsules II-40 Ocean Nutrition Canada Launches Microencapsulates II-40 New Gelatin Composition Developed for Pharma and Other Industries II-40 Yamanouchi Pharmaceuticals Develops Arterial Plugging Material Made with Gelatin II-41 Nordic Unveils Lemon Flavored Fish Gelatin Capsules II-41 Unilever Launches Pronto Knox II-41 Indiana Soybean Board to Introduce Soy Gelatin II-41 Sidmak Introduces Cyclosporine Soft Gelatin Capsules II-41 Cerestar Food and Pharma Specialties Unveil GelatinReplacement Products II-42 GELITA Group Unveils GELITA Edible Gelatin II-42 Jintan Unveils Gelatin Replacement Products II-42 Horizon Organic Holding Corp.