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Through 2015 new market entrants such as Merit Medical and Biocompatibles will introduce microspheres and drug-eluting beads into the market, competing directly in the same indications as gelatin sponge particles.
The offering of thrombin stand alone and thrombin in conjunction with an absorbable gelatin sponge such SURGIFLO are two additional building blocks to the one-stop-shop of biological hemostats Omrix and Ethicon are forming, stated Robert Taub, President and Chief Executive Officer of OMRIX Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
King plans to begin marketing Gelita's absorbable gelatin sponge in the U.
Distributor relationships will also be a key to success in this market going forward; BTG will likely continue to partner with Eisai in Japan, while strong competitor Merit Medical Systems will sell its products through Nippon Kayaku, the leader of the gelatin sponge particle market in Japan.
Among point estimates for time-to-hemostasis in these studies, rhThrombin + gelatin sponge was found to be superior to placebo + gelatin sponge in aggregate in all indications.
Absorbable Gelatin Sponge IP 66, Size 80 mm x 50 mm x
Tenders are invited for Supply of following Dental disposables & consumables for hospital use for aiims, bhubaneswar,,Abserbant paper point,Disclosing anent,Absorbable gelatin sponge
offers a complete portfolio of topical and advanced hemostatic products including SURGICEL(R) Absorbable Hemostats, SURGIFOAM* Absorbable Gelatin Sponge, EVICEL(TM) Fibrin Sealant (Human), and SURGIFLO* Hemostatic Matrix with FlexTip.