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This sequence of change from dispersion to paste is known as starch gelatinization [1].
DSC showed that the organic starch in both solutions had a slightly lower gelatinization temperature range than the conventional starch, and that both starches in juice had a higher gelatinization range than in water.
The following analyses were performed to raw and processed cassava flours: moisture, ash and crude protein (AOAC, 2000), starch and amylose contents (Juliano, 1971; MAC, 1974) starch gelatinization index (Chiang and Johnson, 1977).
Gelatinization of starch was a good method to enhance the interfacial affinity (12).
have 18-22 percent amylose content and low to intermediate gelatinization temperature (GT-temperature at which 90 percent of starch granules are gelatinized i.
Sucrose, in addition to being sweet, also inhibits gluten development, delays starch gelatinization and affects texture whether it is crystalline or amorphous.
A set of reaction conditions was derived from previous work: thermal gelatinization (70[degrees]C, 25 min), 40[degrees]C reaction temperature, 7.
1) due to temperature effect of mass transfer and starch gelatinization.
This enzyme, through a gelatinization and liquefaction process, hydrolyses firstly starch at 105[degrees]C [39].