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It is assumed that, like in the primary-stressed feet, there are two contrastive consonant quantity patterns in noninitial syllables, but geminate durations are shorter in non-initial syllables.
Non-initial syllables that do not contain a diphthong or end with geminate or consonant cluster are of the first duration (long vowel occurs in original words only in positions of main stress).
He postulates that, besides marking vowel shortness, the digraphs indicate geminate (long) consonants as this was their original function in the writing system of Old English.
The first type of consonant combination is called sequence and that of the second type is called geminate.
Energy wasting steps appear to be the geminate pair recombination to form several isomers of the methoxy substituted aromatic heterocycle.
which showed that given the same sowing density, spores stored longer tended to geminate later and led to later formation of gametophytes and sporophytes (Deng, 2004).
In theory there are three types of hydroxyls on the surface of amorphous silica: the first is isolated, free of interference; the second is geminate one, that is, two hydroxyls are linked together at the same Si atom; the third is attached, the association hydroxyls form hydrogen bond between themselves.
The duplicate and the didymous, the obverse and the inverse, the geminate and the specular are part and parcel of his art" (4).
Editor Vardeny (physics, University of Arizona) has included perspectives from both sides of the debate on whether the excited state in organic semiconductors is band-like, with electrons and holes in conduction and valence bands similar to regular semiconductors, or whether the photogenerated geminate electron-holes are bound together to form tightly bound excitons with large binding energy.
The resulting structure is then immune to rules causing lenition because of geminate inalterability (Guerssel 1977; Hayes 1986; Schein and Steriade 1986; Inkelas and Cho 1993; Keer 1999; Kirchner 2000).
Thus, her positive interpretation of her relationship with Gabriel subconsciously reconfigures the actuality of an unhealthy geminate obsession and its concomitant antagonism.