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Prevalence of double ( Fused / Geminated ) permanent teeth in Coppadocia region in Turkey - a study.
It must be noted that the above description is still an over-simplification of the whole set of OE weak verbs, since it is of course possible to acknowledge two further groups: on the one hand, the subgroup of verbs within Class I which have umlaut or front mutation originally only in the present but not in the past (note secan/sohte 'seek', tellan/tealde 'tell'), and also a group of four wellknown verbs (habban 'have', libban 'live', secgan 'say', hycgan 'think') that can be so considered to form Class III, and that are characterised by variation between mutated and non-mutated vowels, or geminated and non-geminated consonants.
Singers know that the double consonant is not a call for obligatory lengthening, yet on occasion may be geminated for expressive effect, at the discretion of the performer.
Though the presentative nature of Ugaritic hi is all but certain, the vocalized form al-li-ni-ya is difficult to reconcile with either hl' or hlw' in Hebrew for the following reasons: 1) the absence of geminated lamed, (80) and 2) the quandary of resolving the /i/ vowel of halliniya with the final /u/ vowel of the propounded *halu.
In Tanawal Hindko when possible bipartite consonant cluster (CC) at intervocalic position in the words is preceded by short vowels; the first C of the intervocalic cluster gets geminated.
In Chhatthare Limbu, only the unaspirated voiceless stops, nasals, fricative and lateral are geminated.
In those letters, Cuervo identifies as African the sound in 'acte' (arte) and similar words, which he considers to be not as aspirated, but rather as a 'gutural'or probably a voiced velar stop, close to a geminated sound like 'gg'(sic).
Dens invaginatus in a geminated central incisor: case report.
5) The 'strange' and 'deviant' spelling with geminated m after r are in reality the norm in almost all the manuscripts and inscriptions from both South and Southeast Asia.
The seeds were geminated in pre-washed riverbed sand in polyethylene lined iron trays and irrigated with distilled water.
Cubukcu CE, Sonmez A, Gultekin V Labial and palatal talon cusps on geminated tooth associated with dental root shape abnormality: a case report.
This was further evidenced in a more recent report in which the authors were unable to tell from a periapical radiograph if a communication existed between the pulp chambers of a geminated maxillary lateral incisor.