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5 Differential diagnosis between gemination and fusion can be made radiographically, as in gemination two crowns are present, either totally or partially separated, with a single root and one root canal while in fusion crowns are united by enamel and/ or dentine, but there are two roots or two root canal in a single root.
Since exfoliation times are usually different for each tooth involved in the gemination, consideration should be given to the variations in root resorption.
maxillary incisors with two canals; fusion, gemination or densinvaginatus?
Treating V insertion and CV reduplication as possible co-existing outcomes of empty mora insertion in a given language also generates the further expectation that CV reduplication could alternate with consonant gemination as a means of realizing the inserted mora.
The confusion grew; two prestigious observatories in the US found in one case no canals, in another a few of them but no geminations, and no changes to Libya.
2) This is a book not so much about Derridean iterability but about formalist figurae such as anaphora, gemination, polyptoton, and so on, and the role they play in the `marking' of language as poetic.
in three cases the song itself is reported through onomatopoetic gemination.
Seed populations of many plants are known to have diversified gemination behavior, in which some seeds germinate while other viable seeds in the same environment remain dormant (e.
37) And here we have not only gemination, but tripling in the stories, for the real causes of the Trojan War are Zeus' ta bouleumata alla (36) to rid the world of people and to increase Achilles' glory.
11) They frequently involve either the simplification of double consonants or the gemination of single consonants, as in seccantes (prologue), possitus (1: 2), pretermitas (4: 6), comittetur (5: 27), ingresus (5: 10, 11; 6: 18 etc.
Gemination was much more a feature of ancient than modern Greek.
Consonant gemination is the phenomenon in language where a consonant in a morpheme is doubled in the course of speech.