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As for consonant features, we find regressive assimilation (mannato di piricquisizione) and gemination (affittacammari, cammara), voicing (buttana, Frangisi), and rhoticism (Ingrisi).
CBCT scanning was requested for a more detailed evaluation of the canal system and identification of dental structures (Figure 3) and confirmed gemination of the maxillary left lateral incisor and also revealed the presence of two root canals, one mesiobuccal and one distopalatal, and an apical hypodense lesion with destruction of the vestibular cortical bone (Figure 3, IMG 10 and 11).
Dental abnormality of the structure and number of teeth can occur in the primary and permanent dentition.1,2 Double tooth is the most common term that has been used to describe anomalies (Fusion or Gemination) in which one tooth is conjoined with another.3 Gemination is defined as the partial development of two teeth from a single tooth bud following incomplete division.4
maxillary incisors with two canals; fusion, gemination or densinvaginatus?
Although not enough is yet known about the evolution of partial reduplication, it is commonly believed that partial reduplication evolves from total reduplication, and that the end stage in the developmental pathway is gemination (or, presumably, vowel lengthening).
(2000) only achieved 0-10% gemination on filter paper in petri dishes under an oscillating light and temperature regime, but Cameron et al.
Venezky (1970) analyzed the corpus of written English words and showed that alphabet principle plus a small set of additional rules such as gemination or doubling of certain letters at the end of words, such as s, l, and f, accounted for how English orthography represents English phonology.
Ripe--(1) Designating mature seeds which are fit for gemination. (2) Designating fruit which has attained full development.
His paradoxical gemination of contraries may well turn out to be the esthetic of the ultimate oxymoron.