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GEMOTE. An assembly. Wittena gemote, during the time of the Saxons in England, signified an assembly of wise men. The parliament.

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Hosted by New Orleans this year, the institute selected a scheme by Gemot Riether that proposed a series of glowing spherical enclosures sited within the hidden courtyards of the city's distinctive French Quarter.
The aristocracy dominated the witena gemot (the council of the wise) which, together with semiannual gatherings of free farmers and townsmen, voted taxes and approved laws.
If one was in search of a buddy who was not taking a course at the time, nine times out of ten the buddy could be found in the Gemot [name of the lounge].
Malkmus, Rudolf, Ulrich Manthey, Gemot Vogel, Peter Hoffmann, and Joachim Kosuch 2002 Amphibians and Reptiles of Mount Kinabalu (North Borneo).