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Men and women's gender role journeys: A metaphor for healing, transition, and transformation.
Gender role identity has been used to explore various areas of work related behaviors.
Based on previous research indicating that night-sky watching and androgyny are moderately related to openness to experience, it is hypothesized that individuals with an androgynous gender role will be significantly more likely to report night-sky watching.
Those with the traditional gender role considered that womanhood and manhood perfectly accomplish admirable and divergent roles.
Only a handful of studies to date have considered gender role ideology in a Christian population.
Twenty personality characteristics, for which the 't'- value was highest, were selected as the 'Masculine' items for the Gender Role Inventory of Indian adolescents.
Parental gender role attitudes were measured using 12 items of Traditional Sex Role Attitudes Scale developed by Scanzoni (1975) and the Social Role Questionnaire (Baber and Tucker, 2006).
2]: The relationships between gender role attitudes and attitudes toward abortion will be reduced by respondent characteristics which produce cognitive cross-pressures.
A series of three chi-square analyses were performed to determine whether the gender and/or gender role of the opponent were significantly associated with being rated as aggressive.
Researchers have found that it is possible to predict the presence of social support through conflicts in gender role (Osborne, 2004), and that conflicted gender roles and social support are negatively related (Jakupcak, Osborne, Michael, Cook, & McFall, 2006).
A diagnostic schema is presented to assess men's GRC in the contexts of gender role devaluations, restrictions, and violations.