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Men who aggress against women: effects of feminine gender role violation on physical aggression in hypermasculine men.
These themes were the "take home messages" to motivate students to face their gender role issues and solve their problems.
They know that the gender roles for both men and women (Women athletes are assumed to be gender non-conforming.
Gender role conflict is comprised of four factors, which may relate differently to resiliency and/or propensity for problematic behaviors such as suicide.
The purpose of the present study was to determine whether differences in HMSI (as measured by magnitude of sexual orientation, masculine gender role, and gender ideology) would influence the likelihood of heterosexual men to use homosexual insults.
Matching gender role attitudes or reshaping the practice setting to achieve a better match of gender role attitudes with practice environments is likely to achieve greater job satisfaction, reduce turnover and thereby relieve understaffing of physical therapy departments.
In recent decades, extensive studies from diverse disciplines have focused on children's developmental awareness of different gender roles and the relationships between genders.
To address this issue, O'Neil and colleagues (O'Neil, Good, & Holmes, 1995) proposed theoretical patterns of gender role conflict based on the limited literature and their clinical experiences with men.
The articles included in this issue reflect the broad nature of the term gender (relating to such concepts as sex, gender identity, gender roles, gender stereotypes, masculinity/femininity, etc.
The American Psychological Association established The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity that seeks to challenge restrictive gender roles leading to negative consequences, harmful activities, unhealthy interactions, and oppression of others.
A more recent study of the gender role orientation of athletes was conducted by Lantz and Schroeder (1999).