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QTL Comparative gene map : The querying process in this application is divided into three steps: select a chromosome, find QTL traits of interest, and display the bovine/human genes within a QTL region.
Gene map of the eastern North American tree hole mosquito, Aedes (Protomacleaya) triseriatus(2N = 6).
In addition to the phenotype descriptions, the database includes the list of Molecular Defects in Mendelian Disorders, and the detailed Gene Maps of the autosomes and the X and Y chromosomes.
Two groups of scientists have produced rough drafts of the gene maps of two common strains of the cereal.
Just as satellite pictures can zoom in on particular areas of the country to give a more detailed picture of the landscape, researchers can use markers on this human gene map as landmarks.
The breakthrough, announced in the journal Science, will ultimately lead to a complete human gene map - expected in about five years - which will help scientists investigate genetic links to illness and health.
The gene maps of rice and maize, two other world food staples whose genetic codes are far simpler, have already been completed.
Two studies published last Wednesday show it is possible to sequence the entire gene maps of families with inherited diseases and pinpoint the offending bit of DNA.
Beginning in October 1995 with the first workshop meeting held here in Lexington, scientists from the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa have worked together to develop increasingly detailed versions of equine gene maps and related genetic tools for horse research," said Bailey.