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As an inventor and integrator of technology platforms, we will make use of our UltraVector multi-gene engineering, RTS gene switch, advanced Protein Engineering, and other platforms to develop therapeutic candidates designed to treat both the neurological and the cardiovascular pathologies of FRDA.
The concept of an ecdysone-based gene switch arose a few years ago, when scientists finally found the hormone's receptor, the cellular protein to which it must bind in order to turn genes on.
Also, in the current publication of Gene Therapy, a modified positive gene switch is described that is ten times more sensitive to activation by anitprogestins than the originally described positive switch.
Tarrytown, New York, have signed an agreement under which Artemis grants to Regeneron a non-exclusive sublicense to use, for internal research purposes, its patented gene switch technology based on ligand regulated DNA recombination.
The company's gene switch is a genetically modified steroid receptor that is designed to be activated only by a certain class of synthetic drugs.