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GENEALOGY. The summary history or table of a house or family, showing how the persons there named are connected together.
     2. It is founded on the idea of a lineage or family. Persons descended from the common father constitute a family. Under the idea of degrees is noted the nearness or remoteness, of relationship, in which one person stands with respect to another. A series of several persons, descended from a common progenitor, is called a line. (q. v.) Children stand to each other in the relation either of full blood or half blood, according as they are descended from the same parents, or have only one parent in common. For illustrating descent and relationship, genealogical tables are constructed, the order of which depends on the end in view. In tables, the object of which is to show all the individuals embraced in a family, it is usual to begin with the oldest progenitor, and to put all the persons of the male or female sex in descending, and then in collateral lines. Other tables exhibit the ancestors of a particular person in ascending lines both on the father's and mother's side. In this way 4, 8, 16, 32- &c. ancestors are exhibited, doubling at every degree. Some tables are constructed in the form of a tree, after the. model of canonical law, (arbor consanguinitatis,) in which the progenitor is placed beneath, as if for the root or stem. Vide Branch; Line.

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Photo: Lorraine Edwards shows off the volumes of genealogic al data she's compiled over the years as a gift for her sons and grandchildren.
Baldwin suspects the genealogic evidence he has, collected may even inspire new thinking about how plants worldwide "came to be where they are.
com has been building the most robust and comprehensive collection of DNA for genealogic research purposes," said Scott Woodward, president of GeneTree.
A recent large family study that used genealogic databases found an elevated risk for influenza death among relatives of persons who died of influenza (3).
Some families may already be collecting genealogic information but haven't gathered details about health history, so this information will need to be added to the family tree," said Michael S.

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