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An appendix, "Chronology of the Aircraft Industry" is in reality a highly useful genealogical chart of t he complex story of reorganizations, mergers and name changes which characterize the industry.
In any case, the quality and quantity of the source material he has provided (appendix, notes, genealogical chart s, inscriptional data, so on) have allowed room for other interpretations, so that scholars of Cambodia will be served for a long time to come even if they do not agree with his interpretation of the facts.
But the need for a genealogical chart is not the only deficiency in Undue Influence.
As Haynes correctly notes, this date is at variance with the one given in the genealogical chart in Selected Letters of William Faulkner, edited by Blotner.
From Marryat's maritime tales of the 1830s through Thackeray's India, the literature of Botany Bay, and Orientalist fantasies of the latter quarter of the century, we arrive at Brantlinger's stunning genealogical chart of the myth of the Dark Continent--Europe's idea of Africa, in all its darkness and its horror.
Bideaux also provides a brief presentation of the circumstances surrounding Herberay's adaptation of the first book, a synopsis of its reception, and several useful tools such as Amadis's genealogical chart and an index of characters.
Many members of the Executive dressed up in period costume and one of the displays was a genealogical chart of John Crysler, UE.
Weatherbys, who are the kindest, most efficient and helpful people you could encounter, sent me a genealogical chart of Four Legs Good that goes back seven generations.

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