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Caption: "The Genealogical Tree of the Mercedarian Order" by an unidentified artist in the mid-18th century is part of the Carl and Marilynn Thoma Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Just as the place of a given person in a given genealogical tree is fixed by his or her specific relationships with other persons in the family -the relatives-, similarly, the place of a material substance is fixed by its specific relations with other material substances.
In contrast, despite previous evidence that China was the region containing the influenza source population for HPAI (H5N1) viruses (13-18), only 24% (95% CI 17%-31%) of the trunk of the genealogical tree is assigned to China.
Griffiths, "An algorithm for constructing genealogical trees," Statistics Research Report 163, Department of Mathematics, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 1987.
This is a far cry from the genealogical tree, which is not rigorous if a branch is lost.
Armenian Genealogical Tree, The Armenian Testament, and The White Rock present not only the tragic events of 1915 but also the
The UC Berkeley computational model is based on the established linguistic theory that words evolve along the branches of a family tree -- much like a genealogical tree -- reflecting linguistic relationships that evolve over time, with the roots and nodes representing proto-languages and the leaves representing modern languages.
Later they avoided mentioning that origin - they became Catholics to enter Lithuania's top political elite and the Sapiehas" official genealogical tree portrayed their roots in the nobility of the Roman Empire via the dynasty of Lithuanian pre-Christian era ruler Gediminas, which was in fashion among Lithuanian top nobility at the time.
The family art workshop offered attending families a chance to create their own genealogical tree and contribute to a communal artwork.
RESPECTS Brian Cowen drops in on Ali HISTORIC Ali's genealogical tree is traced to Ennis man Abe Grady TOGETHER Star's daughter Hana Ali, right, and wife Yolanda PRIDE Ali unveils plaque in his honour in Ennis yesterday LIVING LEGEND Muhammad Ali waves to army of fans yesterday MANIA Around 6,000 fans pack Ennis to see Ali KEEPSAKE Ali was presented with picture of ancestors' road
Rolls and his partners at Famillion believe that they need 300,000 Jews - figure that constitutes 2 percent of the Jewish people - to upload their genealogical tree. So far, Famillion's servers have received the genealogical tree of 70,000.
Michel Thouillot reads Histoire, Les Georgiques and L'Acacia as a cycle founded at one and the same time on the genealogical tree and on an ever-branching and infinitely extendable 'arbre phrastique.' Mokhtar Belarbi provides an elegant conclusion to the section.

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