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If it is in Q, the user is placing a freely generable element, which has not been yet instantiated.
This, together with further, easily generable, more baroque examples, seems to be required if it is to be already determinate in the arrangement of qualities which qualifies are so arranged.
Motion or rest, which are generable and corruptible and caused by an external force, add to inertia, which is an inseparable but incomplete accident.
La posicion aristotelica en torno a la potencia real, ha sido llamada <<principio de no-plenitud>>, por cuanto en el mundo de lo generable y lo corruptible, el de la <<posibilidad real>>, las cosas estan abiertas a determinaciones ulteriores que se actualizaran o no.
Stalnaker and Kaplan may see scope treatments of sentences like (2) as undermining the singular proposition, at least as generable by sentences containing definite descriptions.