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General anesthetics can be classified as injectable, gases, or volatile liquids.
we can get closer to finding a single agent, a single general anesthetic to use rather than a bunch of drugs together," says Tim Hales of George Washington University in Washington, D.
Despite the risk involved in giving young children a general anesthetic, "there comes a point where it's clear the more conservative options aren't working.
Manhattan is developing Propofol LS as a safe, convenient, noninvasive formulation of propofol, the world's best selling intravenous general anesthetic.
Someday, a whiff of the inert gas and general anesthetic xenon may help reveal the inner workings of the lungs and the brain.
Later, the team put the monkeys to sleep with a general anesthetic, then drilled each primate's teeth and packed them with silver dental amalgam.
The Company is developing a convenient, proprietary lingual spray formulation of propofol, the world's best-selling general anesthetic, as a sedative-hypnotic for use during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
As with conventional in vitro fertilization, the woman is primed with hormones to promote the development of several oocytes, and she receives a general anesthetic for the procedure.
Hallmarq's standing equine MRI system was introduced in 2002 and avoids the dangers associated with subjecting the horse to a general anesthetic, which is necessary if using a modified human MRI scanner.

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