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The door ought to be equally open to all; and I trust, for the credit of human nature, that we shall see examples of such vigorous plants flourishing in the soil of federal as well as of State legislation; but occasional instances of this sort will not render the reasoning founded upon the general course of things, less conclusive.
I meant that a man may work for a special end with others whose motives and general course are equivocal, if he is quite sure of his personal independence, and that he is not working for his private interest--either place or money."
From hence, the general course of the river for about seventy miles was nearly southeast; varying in breadth according to its bays and indentations, and navigable for vessels of three hundred tons.
In the relating what is already past of my story, this will be the more easily believed when I shall add, that through all the variety of miseries that had to this day befallen me, I never had so much as one thought of it being the hand of God, or that it was a just punishment for my sin - my rebellious behaviour against my father - or my present sins, which were great - or so much as a punishment for the general course of my wicked life.
This year's volume begins with a brief course by Jean-Michel Jacquet, Droit international prive et arbitrage commercial international, but most of it is devoted to Edith Brown Weiss' Establishing Norms in a Kaleidoscopic World: General Course on Public International Law.
Studying a general course such as Linguistics, History or Biology is not the same as taking Education/Teaching of, say, Languages, Humanities or Sciences.
He explained that he caught the vision in his 300 level days at LASU when he was the only student in a class of over 120 people who scored 'A' in Physical Metallurgy, a general course for all engineering students.
We will feel this activity as prohibited in our general course of life but it is amazing that when we move towards the financial world and world economy, the interest-based financing and economic mechanisms being practised and implemented and we do not feel these activities in a detested manner.
In its general course, the CBI first registers a preliminary enquiry (PE) and after its completion it, files a regular case (RC).
"There is interest in cooperation from the Japanese side, and there is a general course on cooperation laid out by our leaders.
on the MTC general course, various technological majors and study

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