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The door ought to be equally open to all; and I trust, for the credit of human nature, that we shall see examples of such vigorous plants flourishing in the soil of federal as well as of State legislation; but occasional instances of this sort will not render the reasoning founded upon the general course of things, less conclusive.
I meant that a man may work for a special end with others whose motives and general course are equivocal, if he is quite sure of his personal independence, and that he is not working for his private interest--either place or money.
From hence, the general course of the river for about seventy miles was nearly southeast; varying in breadth according to its bays and indentations, and navigable for vessels of three hundred tons.
In the relating what is already past of my story, this will be the more easily believed when I shall add, that through all the variety of miseries that had to this day befallen me, I never had so much as one thought of it being the hand of God, or that it was a just punishment for my sin - my rebellious behaviour against my father - or my present sins, which were great - or so much as a punishment for the general course of my wicked life.
The treatment could serve as the core textbook in a general course or a supplement in a more theoretical course, or can be read by individuals.
Detailed examination of components of the survey showed that total amount of orders and general course of business had an upward effect on the index.
ANKARA, Jun 24, 2010 (TUR) -- The Turkish Central Bank released on Thursday results of a a June business survey, saying that the tendency in the general course of the business environment was still positive albeit with some degree of weakening.
von Mehren's General Course on Private International Law, first published in 20002 under the title "Theory and Practice of the Adjudicatory Authority in Private International Law: A Comparative Study of the Doctrine, Policies and Practices of Common- and Civil- Law Systems" in vol.
Revising and expanding the General Course of Public International law that he delivered at the Academy in 2003, Meron explores the reforming effect that human rights and humanitarian law has had and is having on other fields of public international law.

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