general discharge

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Mahtoree had scarcely given the first intimation of his real design, before a general discharge from the borderers proved how well they understood it.
A general discharge under honorable conditions opens entitlement to most VA benefits, excluding education benefits such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
Defense counsel will commonly seek a general discharge for Guardsmen at ARNG separation boards, arguing that Guardsmen will lose their VA benefits if they receive an OTH discharge.
An American war veteran, with the Twitter handle Beamster, pointed out that the maximum sentence that Harrison could face is general discharge, and the least would be a one rank demotion.
Cherry will receive "a general discharge in lieu of the court-martial," said base spokesman Ben Abel.
Veterans discharged with an honorable or general discharge who served during a war may claim five points.
The Committee will look at the following issues: the remit, structure, and powers of the CAA; the performance of the CAA in relation to its statutory objectives and functions; the effectiveness and efficiency of the CAA's regulatory framework and the general discharge of its duties plus the effect of growing international and European Union cooperation on its work .
For example, veterans with an honorable or general discharge and income under about $30,000 per year can get prescriptions from the VA for $7 each.
The vote on a Resolution on a general discharge for the 2001 budget, which should be confirmed by the April 7-10 plenary session, is a logical consequence of the reverse suffered by Christopher Heaton-Harris (EPP, United Kingdom) and Gabriele Stauner (EPP, Germany) at the Budgetary Control Committee's last meeting, at which the case of former accountant Marta Andreasen finally lost its sting, following the hearing of Jules Muis, Director General of the Internal Audit service (see European Report 2761 for further details).
7, 1980, who served on active military duty and received an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions;
Flinn, 26, resigned in May and took a general discharge rather than face a court-martial on charges of adultery, lying and disobeying an order.
Such was the case with Kelly Flinn, who received a general discharge on May 22, but was not charged simply with adultery.

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