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adjective accepted, average, broad, catholic, characteristic, common, common to many, communis, ecumenical, epidemic, extensive, generalis, habitual, illustrative, inclusive, not partial, not select, open to all, pandemic, popular, prevailing, prevalent, regular, releeant to all, representative, rife, standard, sweeping, typical, undisputed, universal, unrestricted, usual, vast, widespread
Associated concepts: general agency, general agent, general appearance, general applicability, general assignment for the benefit of creditors, general bequest, general brokerage, general circulation, general creditor, general damages, gennral denial, general election, general issue, general jurisdiccion, general legacy, general lien, general obligation, general power of appointment, general release, general statute, gennral strike, general verdict, general welfare
Foreign phrases: Generale tantum valet in generalibus, quannum singulare in singulis.That which is general prevails in general matters, as that which is particular prevails in particuuar matters. Generalibus specialia derogant. Special words derogate from the meaning of general ones. Generalis reggla generaliter est intelligenda. A general rule is to be unnerstood generally. Generalis clausula non porrigitur adea quaeantea specialiter sunt comprehensa. A general clause is not extended to include those things that havebeen previously provided for specially. Statutum generaliter est intelligendum quando verba statuti sunt specialia, ratio autem generalis. When the words of a statute are special, but the reason general, the statute is to be understood generally. Generalia praecedunt, specialia sequuntur. General matters precede, special matters follow. In generalibus versatur error. Error thrives in generalities. Fraus latet in generalibus. Fraud lies hidden in general expressions.
See also: broad, chief, collective, competitive, conventional, current, customary, familiar, generic, habitual, inaccurate, inclusive, inexact, liberal, mutual, national, nonsectarian, omnibus, open, ordinary, predominant, prevailing, prevalent, proverbial, public, regular, rife, routine, unspecified, usual, vague

AFFIRMANCE-DAY, GENERAL. In the English Court of Exchequer, is a day appointed by the judges of the common pleas, and barons of the exchequer, to be held a few days after the beginning of every term for the general affirmance or reversal of judgments. 2 Tidd. 1091.

DAMAGES, GENERAL, torts. General damages are such as the law implies to have accrued from the act of a tort-feasor. To call a man a thief, or commit an assault and battery upon his person, are examples of this kind. In the first case the law presumes that calling a man a thief must be injurious to him, with showing that it is so. Sir W. Jones, 196; 1 Saund. 243, b. n. 5; and in the latter case, the law implies that his person has been more or less deteriorated, and that the injured party is not required to specify what injury he has sustained, nor to prove it. Ham. N. P. 40; 1 Chit. Pl. 386; 2 L.R. 76; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3584.

GENERAL. This word has several meanings, namely: 1. A principal officer, particularly in the army. 2. Something opposed to special; as, a general verdict, the general issue, which expressions are used in contradistinction to special verdict, special issue. 3. Principal, as the general post office. 4. Not select, as a general ship. (q. v.) 5. Not particular, as a general custom. 6. Not limited, as general jurisdiction. 7. This word is sometimes annexed or prefixed to other words to express or limit the extent of their signification; as Attorney General, Solicitor General, the General Assembly, &c.

HEIR, GENERAL. Heir at common in the English law. The heir at common law is he who, after his father or ancestor's death has a right to, and is introduced into all his lands, tenements and hereditaments. He must be of the whole blood, not a bastard, alien, &c. Bac. Abr. Heir, B 2; Coparceners; Descent.

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The Welsh poll comes a day after a seat projection poll for The Times by YouGov suggested the Conservatives could be on course to lose the General Election, leaving the UK facing a hung parliament.
And that's why I think this is the only opportunity we would have had to have a general election.
EU citizens who are living in the UK can vote in local elections but cannot take part in general elections.
One Whitehall bigwig even suggested not running next year's General Election in Scotland at all.
Ukip leader Nigel Farage More than one in 10 (11 per cent) of those who voted Tory in last week's European election could see themselves voting for Ukip at a general election, compared with 7 per cent for Labour and 3 per cent for the Lib Dems.
Presenting a detailed analysis report on general elections 2013, the FAFEN recommended the steps to improve the participation of women voters in general elections.
16, 2012 general election, is making preparations to table a bill that is aimed at reducing the number of single-seat constituencies by 30 to 270 and that of proportional representation seats by 50 to 130.
The party boycotted the general election, the country's first in two decades, as the election law enacted earlier by the military government at the time required imprisoned members of political parties to be expelled from those parties -- a clause appeared targeted at Suu Kyi, who was then under house arrest.
A CHIEF counting officer with the power to intervene in poor local planning should be put in charge of general elections to prevent a repeat of the 2010 poll night chaos, the Electoral Commission has u r g ed.
The expenditure is down 16% on the 2007 General Election spend of EUR11million.
ANKARA, Oct 5, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish Prime Minister and chairman of ruling Justice & Development (AK) Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that they thought the first week of June was the most appropriate date to hold general elections.
Summary: The Conservatives will cut public spending as soon as they come into office if they win the General Election.

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