general expenses

See: overhead
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I bedewed his grave with my tears, worked a bar sinister on his family escutcheon, and, for the general expenses of his funeral, sent in my very moderate bill to the transcendentalists.
Grant funding is provided to cover a group s general expenses and running costs, as well as minor works and equipment.
Selling and general expenses increased $823,000, to $2.
She will also be given annual allowances of more than $14,000 for vehicles, $24,000 for general expenses and nearly $2,000 for connectivity.
Rs 205 million have been allocated on account of payment of salaries, installations and administrative matters of standing committee in the budget for the fiscal year 2015-16, a sum of Rs 140 million on account of special allowance, Rs 123 million for other administrative matters including communication, transport, general expenses, transfer posting, purchase of vehicles, medical expenses and repairs and decoration.
I suspect it won't just be a mayor, but also a deputy mayor, office staff, general expenses - and all paid for by the council taxpayer.
In February, flydubai Chief Financial Officer Mukesh Sodani said the airline would consider raising funds through a bond for the company's general expenses and aircraft deliveries.
Solidere also managed to slash administrative and general expenses by 17 percent to $28 million in 2013 compared to $34 million in 2012.
Almarai's selling, distribution and general expenses all increased in the second quarter because of its expansion "across product categories and geographies" and rising depreciation costs from earlier investments.
The increase in EBITDA was primarily as a result of increased gross profit, as well as reduced administrative and general expenses, the firm said.
Profit after tax at PKR 688 million is 37% higher compared to the same period last year on account of robust top line growth and lower Administration and General Expenses.
The Commission also plan increase of the general expenses and the irony is that it was the one that demanded increase of the electricity price for citizens.
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