general guidelines

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Through the efforts of the Provincial Science and Technology Center - Agusan del Norte, an Orientation on the General Guidelines on Halal Food Using the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC) is scheduled on November 23.
There are also a series of general guidelines on transport links, green spaces, heritage walks and quality of the built environment
Please note, as in accordance with the general guidelines of the TSX Manual, Russel Metals Inc.
The two sides discussed the general guidelines which will serve as the basis for the upcoming two-year blueprint as part of efforts to draw up a realistic budget which will heed citizens' needs, win wide consensus and take into account the regional economic and financial situation resulting from fluctuating oil prices.
12, 2014, the IRS Large Business &International (LB&I) division released general guidelines and rules of engagement for LB&I examiners employed in the Transfer Pricing Practice (TPP) and the International Business Compliance unit (IBC) involved in the examination of transfer-pricing issues.
During the Council, Economy and Finance Minister gave a presentation on the general guidelines of the 2015 draft Finance Act, in which he said that the project is based on the High Royal guidelines contained in the speeches of the Throne Day and August 20th, as well as the commitments of the government program.
KARACHI -- The Shariah Supervisory Board of Meezan Bank Limited has approved general guidelines for conversion of a conventional bank's operations into Shariah-compliant operations.
Rather than outlining the steps of negotiation, he answers questions that real people have sent him related to specific topics, including general guidelines and strategies, with discussion of theories of negotiation, the effects of personal characteristics and attitudes, power, the qualities of a good negotiator, and other topics; family matters, such as money, relationships, communication, and marriage; business negotiation, including salary increases and dealing with bosses and coworkers; negotiating with friends, neighbors, and strangers; money; negotiating purchases, sales, and services; negotiating across cultures and between genders; legal issues, disputes, and deadlocks; and dealing with sticky situations, problem people, and nasty negotiators.
It also discussed the general guidelines for the meeting among instructors and resident doctors from the different training years.
And although individual churches may post codes of behaviour, she thinks it's time for general guidelines on acceptable behaviour in churches.
It also contains the general guidelines for brokers' behaviour, the rules they must comply with in performing their duties at the bourse and providing their services to their clients.

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