general guidelines

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It establishes general guidelines for selecting appropriate stainless steel filler metals.
it also includes general guidelines, standards and indicators for the development of cities according to green and sustainable measures, and upgrading the traditional cities to adopt the characteristics of the green cities.
Vestas remuneration policy and general guidelines for incentive pay.
The Ombudsman noted that Supreme Court jurisprudence had laid down general guidelines on how courts should validate claims that one's right to a speedy disposition of the case had been violated.
Vowing to address what he termed as a revitalized Tripoli's belt of misery, he proposed general guidelines for urban development and promised a thoroughly democratic municipal contest.
There are also a series of general guidelines on transport links, green spaces, heritage walks and quality of the built environment
The first part of the book gives general guidelines for developing internal compliance and ethics programs.
The two sides discussed the general guidelines which will serve as the basis for the upcoming two-year blueprint as part of efforts to draw up a realistic budget which will heed citizens' needs, win wide consensus and take into account the regional economic and financial situation resulting from fluctuating oil prices.
12, 2014, the IRS Large Business &International (LB&I) division released general guidelines and rules of engagement for LB&I examiners employed in the Transfer Pricing Practice (TPP) and the International Business Compliance unit (IBC) involved in the examination of transfer-pricing issues.
The study participants were given general guidelines but were left on their own to follow them.
It also discussed the general guidelines for the meeting among instructors and resident doctors from the different training years.

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