general information

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Then the horrid fact was disclosed that the new head had a mania for general information.
To you, he will talk of farming; to me, of drawing or music; and so on to every body, having that general information on all subjects which will enable him to follow the lead, or take the lead, just as propriety may require, and to speak extremely well on each; that is my idea of him.
He had primed us with such general information as he thought would be necessary for us to pass muster before Sorav, after which we would have to undergo a further examination before Salensus Oll that he might determine our physical fitness and our ability as warriors.
Still there was a good deal of general information flying about the schooner on stormy days, when they lay up in the fo'c'sle or sat on the cabin lockers, while spare eye-bolts, leads, and rings rolled and rattled in the pauses of the talk.
General Information Services (GIS) helps companies mitigate risk and hire smarter.
The Director General Information briefed the delegation about transparency in distribution of Advertisements and in this regards a committee is formed by the Secretary Information to monitor the process.
The prosecutor said Canlas made untruthful statements in narration of facts in the Complaints-Affidavits, Secretary's Certificate, and General Information Sheet of HCPTI subject of the consolidated complaints.
This contract is for the supply and delivery of general information for periodic services of the Urban Community of Lyon.
This section contains four subcategories: General Information, Leadership Tools, Membership Tools, and Forms and Templates.
This section provides general information about and links to local, state, national and international associations involved in the recycling industry.
It contains general information, procedures and figures for the correct tie-down of military equipment on railcars.
DOB's new, multi-purpose Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system will provide callers with electronic options for obtaining information, including 24-hour general information about the Department of Buildings, easy access to the Building Information System (DOB's computerized property database) and referral information for other agencies.

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