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I understand that the General Knowledge section had a higher difficulty level," says Puri, " but I won't buy the argument that it was wrong on the part of the question paper setters to include science questions because they were not mentioned in the syllabus.
To make the contest more interesting for participants we have localized the content with questions based on General knowledge, movies, State politics and history.
Kieran Morris, 13, from Whiston, who produced a phenomenal series of answers on a special section on the X Factor, said: "David is obviously the front man, but even David doesn''t know everything, and he's perhaps not as good on quirkier types of general knowledge.
To take part in this competition, subscribers need to send an empty SMS to 98777; This step will enable them to answer the daily general knowledge multiple-choice questions forming part of the challenge.
General knowledge of infection control practices among villagers was minimal.
General knowledge about the rapid penetration of UFPs into various body organs has surfaced in the past few years, but the specific distribution and mechanisms remain largely unknown.
Whether you list logic, general knowledge, mathematical puzzlers or the English language as your strong point, we're confident we will have something to provoke a little head scratching.
Conrad bases his thriller not on happenings and characters he knows to be historic but on general knowledge of the situation in Spain and the attempts of key Nazis to escape at the time.
The obvious benefit of the program is a head start on the ins and outs of business, but a secondary benefit to the student is a general knowledge of how to market their skills in the ever more complex job environment.
Readers with a general knowledge of basic calculus will find this survey of recreational mathematics a treasure trove of fun.
The participants were tested again as adolescents and then adults, and results showed major differences in tests of educational achievement, such as reading, vocabulary and general knowledge, in favor of those taking more nutritious supplements.

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