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From these meanings we get the general meaning for tayyib of anything that is good and pure.
It then acquired the more general meaning of 'female servant' and 'dairymaid' before becoming a male occupational term for somebody in charge of a dairy.
As it shown in the works of Eyn Al Ghozat, he does not consider any importance for the apparent meaning of the holy Quran independently and he is considering mainly the inward meaning of the Holy Quran representing the main sophisticated statements of the Quran based on a general meaning.
A persistent methodological split exists in the Federal Circuit as to whether claim construction focuses on a term's general meaning in the field of the invention (as evidenced through expert testimony or technical publications), with only limited resort to the description in the patent itself, or on the term's use in the patent itself, with only limited resort to extrinsic evidence for background.
Also, the celebrations in the ystanbul district of KadykE[micro]y, Kayseri and EskiE-ehir were appropriate to the general meaning and nature of the May 1 holiday.
In these and in various speeches and law review articles, he finds that Thomas has articulated a clear and consistent jurisprudence of constitutional restoration that seeks to restore the original general meaning of the US Constitution.
DURING the past few years the general meaning of the hydrogen bomb has been revealed to us.
For instance, the terms "stop," "pause," and "timeout" may have the same general meaning, but can be applied differently to describe more specific (situational) behaviors in a work context.
I can catch the general meaning, but not much more.
This event is a clear hint that art, in its general meaning, and cinema in particular, are media that are able to help humanity to overcome aggression, enable us to bring our hearts closer to each other, and enable us to have dialogue among civilisations, instead of conflicts and clashes," former President Mohammad Khatami wrote in an open letter to director Farhadi in the online Aftab News.
One might say that this book encouraged me to sit back and survey historical expressions from the most ancient of civilizations to the present day concerning the general meaning of economics.
He said, "I had a FUBAR" (you can find the general meaning in a Google search).

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