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But in the age of Socrates it was only by an effort that the mind could rise to a general notion of virtue as distinct from the particular virtues of courage, liberality, and the like.
His answers have a sophistical ring, and at the same time show the sophistical incapacity to grasp a general notion.
There is another sort of progress from the general notions of Socrates, who asked simply, 'what is friendship?
The difficulty in framing general notions which has appeared in this and in all the previous Dialogues recurs in the Gorgias and Theaetetus as well as in the Republic.
I shall know better, perhaps, some day, but I have a general notion now.
But we mustn't forget he had been taken out of his knowledge, that he had been sea-sick and battened down below for four days, that he had no general notion of a ship or of the sea, and therefore could have no definite idea of what was happening to him.
I really believe that to this circumstance may be attributed the vulgar but very general notion of your being, as a body, suspicious, distrustful, and over-cautious.
Little as Catherine was in the habit of judging for herself, and unfixed as were her general notions of what men ought to be, she could not entirely repress a doubt, while she bore with the effusions of his endless conceit, of his being altogether completely agreeable.
In fact, post the 0- 4 humiliations in England and Australia in 2011- 12, the general notion was that Dhoni wasn't bothered by results in Tests and was more interested in the limited- overs formats.
March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Digital transformation is no longer a general notion.
The Yemeni analysts did not agree with the general notion that the separatist Southern Movement poses number one threat to the unification of the country.
Through exposure to these tales, the reader should ultimately come away with a better understanding of the large array of complex environmental problems that are associated with the more general notion of climate change.

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