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Rather, services will also be available for synod delegates and members of the general public.
197-2(c)(4)(i) provides that a company will be able to meet the requirement that software is "not substantially modified" if its total cost does not exceed the greater of 125% of the price at which the unmodified version of the software is readily available to the general public or $2,000.
She also knows that her wealth and well-being are affected by various government policies, but as a member of the general public she experiences policy consequences only indirectly, as mediated by complex social and market forces.
While spreading false information through the newspapers, the OTS has not filed testimony to provide evidence supporting its interpretation of revision in the business contracts between Duquesne Light and General Public Utilities.
Sales to the general public at other than catalog prices.
This densely packed website of more than 2,000 pages describes itself as offering "free, objective information for the general public and environmental health science professionals.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- General Public Utilities Corporation (NYSE: GPU) today announced that its board of directors has elected James R.
EU domain names during the Sunrise phase, the period prior to the Land Rush when registered trademark holders and public bodies such as governments and other organizations can apply for domains before the general public.
The general public is exposed to latex in condoms, rubber gloves used for housework, nonslip bathmats, elastic bands in clothing and balloons, the Michigan doctor said.
Remarkably, that was a somewhat higher score than was recorded by the general public (60 percent), blacks (59 percent) or whites (61 percent).
We look forward to producing quality live and archived programming for school boards, professional educators, and the general public.

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