general statement

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After reading this general statement, you will naturally be interested in possessing your mind next of the accompanying details.
Just as the two elder ladies had finished their survey of the family prospects, and Lady Otway was nervously anticipating some general statement as to life and death from her sister-in-law, Cassandra burst into the room with the news that the carriage was at the door.
To embroil the confusion, and make it impossible to arrive at any general statement,--when we have insisted on the imperfection of individuals, our affections and our experience urge that every individual is entitled to honor, and a very generous treatment is sure to be repaid.
So I contented myself with making a general statement that he appeared to be improving very rapidly, that I would have a longer chat with him in the morning, and would then see what I could do in the direction of meeting his wishes.
Irwine in a general statement concerning the Church clergy in the surrounding district, whom he described as men given up to the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life; hunting and shooting, and adorning their own houses; asking what shall we eat, and what shall we drink, and wherewithal shall we be clothed?
I will not now go behind the general statement to explore the reason of this correspondency.
But I am well aware that these general statements, without facts given in detail, can produce but a feeble effect on the reader's mind.
Kung AMLA [Anti-Money Laundering Act] lang yan, di dapat general statement ka lang na theres a systematic failure of reporting.
The general statement that can be made about the market is that people are moving away from cars and toward light trucks, particularly of the crossover variety.
The Consulate General statement said that under the U.
In response to our original request, which gave details of specific incidents, we were eventually emailed a general statement.
If there is any criticism to be made it is that the court issued only a general statement instead of trying to rectify such travesties of justice.