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La consolidation du nouveau dispositif d'information medico-economique et sa generalisation a toutes les structures hospitalieres publiques vise a renforcer les capacites de gouvernance de la sante publique (allocation rationnelle des ressources et evaluation des performances), l'amelioration de la qualite des services dispenses par les etablissements de sante et la contribution a l'atteinte des objectifs nationaux en matiere de sante.
Research found that Chinese migrant workers accustomed to using computers made broader generalisations when it comes to movement learning than a group of age- and education-matched migrant workers who had never used a computer before.
This means that practitioners' generalisations are under constant scrutiny.
Owing to such characteristics as contextual aggregation of parts of objects or emphasising their typical features, morphological operations can be used as excellent tools in the process of cartographic generalisation, particularly generalisation of built-up areas at topographic scales as well as settlements' outlines at medium and small scales.
Au cours de cette rencontre, les participants presenteront le bilan de la premiere annee de generalisation du regime et informeront l'opinion publique des resultats realises, dans l'objectif de consolider les acquis, de promouvoir la sensibilisation pour assurer la perennite du RAMED et de soutenir les efforts des personnels exercant dans les secteurs de la sante et des collectivites locales.
The choice for appropriate operations for specific generalisation tasks depends on various factors.
The purpose of this article is briefly to explore the generalisation of patterns set in pictorial contexts, with specific focus on the ambiguity inherent in the algebraic expressions as they relate to the pictorial pattern.
While this study, conducted within one faculty in one university, provides no strong basis for generalisation, it does test predictions made from theory in a specific context.
The teacher may then record the students' observations on the board and gradually a spelling generalisation can be arrived at.
Similarly, the word generalisation means, "to infer from facts; bring into general use or knowledge".
It might be argued that any generalisation which abstracts away from physical detail would not be a generalisation formulated within the theoretical framework of physical implementation.
Detailed consideration of database requirements and object modelling in support of emerging applications (3D, mobile) and innovative delivery (map generalisation services)