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That two weeks of experience was enough to convert the generalisation patterns of those computer-naive individuals to that of regular computer users, the researchers said.
Practitioners create a highly detailed representation of many generalisations about their work.
Luckily, most writing has moved on from using generalisations, apart from this column.
Commonly-made generalisations about the school performance of immigrant students in Australia are challenged by Gary Marks.
Incorporated into the classroom literacy program this way, spelling is being taught in two crucial ways--at the word level through word study and explicit teaching of spelling strategies and generalisations using investigation and inquiry and importantly it is also being taught and reinforced within the context of a piece of text, during reading and writing.
Whilst Bob is happy to make such terrible generalisations about a group such as bikers, I wonder how both he and The Journal would feel about an article making similar generalisations about groups such as young black men, Muslims, Jews and working class white males.
The stipulative definition (see Table 1) explicitly recognises that one should pay attention only to testable (hence falsifiable) propositions of the form "if A then C" in order to build empirical generalisations (Braithwaite, 1955; Skinner, 1953).
For all we presently know, the computational level may require some specification of the details of physical implementation and thereby consist of generalisations that fall within the latter theoretical framework.
But this is the way the BNP deals with people from African and Asian backgrounds by ridiculous lies and sweeping generalisations that are based not in fact but in the fears, ignorance and prejudice of the BNP themselves.

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