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Their gross generalities, meaningless rhetoric, and unrealistic theoretical formulations, fail to provide the basis for crafting meaningful policies, legal frameworks, or administrative regimes to insure a realistic chance of their implementation.
we find that it was based in large part on Muslims contrasting the generalities of the Shari'ah, with the specific shortcomings of American society and history in relevant areas of domestic and international policy and practice.
The idea behind this approach is not to challenge your manager, but to try to turn his generalities into specifics.
D'Anjou's diagrams, which are more complicated but less specific in the sense that they are marked with generalities rather than names.
Surprisingly, generalities and specifics work well together.
If I take Freud at his word, he seems to be using the glass as a distancing mechanism, a device to shift the viewer's attention from the particularities of texture to the generalities of contour, illumination, and volume.
The Motion just filed by Mid-State charges that the Federal complaint contains so many inaccuracies, generalities, and conclusions that it should be dismissed.
John Harrison, Fitch Europe ceo, says, "We believe Fitch's focus on the actual design of brands brings renewed rigor and specificity to a branding marketplace often marred by generalities that blunt creative execution.
Prodromou, by contrast, offers mainly vague generalities about his plan.
For months now, Time Warner has talked in glittering generalities about its plan to invest $500 million in Ohio while providing no details about how its network might actually work or how it might actually finance it," said CBT Senior Vice President Barbara Stonebraker.