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Several patentability conditions, including the written description and the rules of means-plus-function claiming, depend on some aspects of the physical structure of a technology being relevant to the definition of a patentable invention in order to do their cost-reducing work of curtailing permissible patent generality. These patentability conditions simply cannot work like they usually do when they are brought to bear on purely functional technologies like software, meaning that they suffer from technology-specific regulatory inefficacy.
Assume, without loss of generality, that Y = {[x.sub.1], [x.sub.2]}, [x.sub.3] [member of] [R.sub.2], and Z = {[u.sub.1]}.
Generality of intangibility refers to the "customer's difficulty in precisely defining or describing a particular good" (Laroche et al., 2004, p.
In recent years, the space between "the generality of cases" and "the rare exceptions" has become populated with subgroups of individuals whose procedural needs are different from those of the typical individual.
Begheyn begins with a bibliographical introduction, then discusses the Jesuits in the Low Countries 1540-1773 as apostles of the printing press and Jesuit books in the Dutch Republic and its Generality lands 1567-1773 before presenting the bibliography itself.
Transcendental idealism is the pseudo-expression of certain non-propositional sense that can be made of things at the highest level of generality. Metaphysics of any stripe involves a significant element of self-consciousness.
Students are generally required to determine (a) the number of dots in the next few terms, (b) the number of dots in one or two terms further along in the sequence, for example the 10th or 50th terms, and (c) an expression for the number of dots in the nth term, i.e., an algebraic expression of generality.
I can't remember reading an explication of these concepts, (energy flow, positive feedback, chaos, and emergent phenomena) which makes the grand leap into declaring their profound generality.
This year's other finalists covered tennis, football, cricket, fishing and the perfect generality, which must have gone close to the title, Matthew Syed's Bounce, which carries the subtitle How Champions Are Made - What Makes A Winner.
As for his relations with Minister Hassan and PM Hariri, Nahas said they were good, indicating that Hassan is the first Finance Minister who abides by the budget generality since the seventies.
This argument is based on the claim that conceptual states, but not perceptual states, meet Evans's Generality Constraint.
The proposal stressed that data should have generality and portability, and provide an easy way for important information to be stored, and found by others.