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Empirical marketing generalization using meta-analysis.
Clearly, these generalizations are not instances of stimulus generalization, since they are not physically determined.
Generalizations at the "middle range" level are typically more "data connected" than grand theory or paradigms.
But please keep in mind, too, that some of her critiques are sweeping generalizations.
More importantly, particularism, properly understood, presents a different picture of the kinds of generalizations that make up moral theory--that make up, in the end, our understanding of the `why.
A third generalization concerns black and white Baptists who processed historical events in quite different ways.
Generalizations on the impact of such rules on what is allowed as impeachment material are also difficult.
The text begins with sweeping generalizations about ecotourism and moves into similarly misleading generalizations about ecology in many regions of the world.
Generalizations, however, are dangerous because some of the largest players with strong reserves are not under pressure to sell.
A thirty-two page chapter titled Generalizations and Teaching Strategies for Art includes positive statements about the value of art in helping students learn about their history, values and beliefs.
that if we look at theories with the logical structure that Hume and Mill argue that they have, then it can be shown using the calculus of probabilities that observational data tend to support not only low-level generalizations but also the higher-level generalizations, up to, and including, the principle of universal causation that, according to Hume and Mill, occupies the highest level" (p.