generally known

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Were you not blinded by a sort of fascination, it would be ridiculous in me to repeat the instances of great misconduct on her side so very generally known.
It cannot be generally known," returned Elinor, "for her own family do not know it.
It is a circumstance which Darcy could not wish to be generally known, because if it were to get round to the lady's family, it would be an unpleasant thing.
Boris smiled, as if he understood what Prince Andrew was alluding to as something generally known.
She had held so aloof of late that her trouble, never generally known, was nearly forgotten in Marlott.
This uneasiness, amounting almost to frenzy, arose from the report Morcerf's adventure had made in the world, for the affair at the opera was generally known.
I believe that she is really very anxious that her presence in London, just now should not be generally known.
Tackleton the Toy-merchant, pretty generally known as Gruff and Tackleton--for that was the firm, though Gruff had been bought out long ago; only leaving his name, and as some said his nature, according to its Dictionary meaning, in the business--Tackleton the Toy-merchant, was a man whose vocation had been quite misunderstood by his Parents and Guardians.
Syren --made a noble experimental cruise; and it was thus that the great Japanese Whaling Ground first became generally known.
This was all that was generally known of her history.
It is now generally known that while a Reis machine, when clogged and out of order, would transmit a word or two in an imperfect way, it was built on wrong lines.
Nor did the burden of this performance bear any reference to love, or war, or wine, or loyalty, or any other, the standard topics of song, but to a subject not often set to music or generally known in ballads; the words being these:--'The worthy magistrate, after remarking that the prisoner would find some difficulty in persuading a jury to believe his tale, committed him to take his trial at the approaching sessions; and directed the customary recognisances to be entered into for the pros-e-cu-tion.

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