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Handicrafts can play an important role in women's economic empowerment, especially in rural areas, where it is generally practiced at local family level.
While in private practice, he generally practiced civil and commercial litigation with a focus on business and contract disputes and construction law.
Quoting the Iranian official, Asharq Al-Awsat, a sister publication of Arab News, said: "Violations began when a group of 300 Iranian pilgrims started moving from Muzdalifa straight to Jamarat, instead of first going to their camps as is generally practiced by Haj pilgrims, to wait for the time of movement of their group.
Even our most banal habits, generally practiced quietly and out of sight, can exacerbate existing social stratifications and ecological vulnerabilities.
It is generally practiced to let go of negativity and to purify body, speech and mind for the new year ahead.
Jordan said that the contraflow plans are generally practiced on paper, but this year TxDOT decided to put the plan into practice as thoroughly as possible.
of Arizona) brings together his expertise as hydrologist and meteorologist--fields that have developed separately and are generally practiced separately and yet are intertwined.
The idea of boards and directors acting primarily on behalf of their many shareholders is not generally practiced as a priority in the Chinese securities market.
The Institute also praised the more inclusive, less hierarchal management style generally practiced by women small business owners because it is helping transform workplaces across the country.
They told me that circumcision isn't generally practiced in Panama except in Military families.
Pilates is generally practiced while barefoot, so when I began to learn reflexology, it was easy to observe how tendencies in the body correlated with tendencies in the feet.
Kathak is generally practiced in India and Pakistan, and is characterized by fluid hand gestures and facial expressions to go with.
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