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In other words, the public has a right to know and governments have an obligation to tell, but that obligation has, generally speaking, not been fulfilled.
Generally speaking, if the water flowing from the seep is clear, it's acting like a pressure relief valve and may not be of immediate concern.
Obviously there are still some small matters of difference, as people will always have, but generally speaking, we are pleased with the results.
Generally speaking, minority children make up a larger percentage of child welfare cases than their percentage in the general population.
Instead, the search for somebody to blame switches to those responsible for what happens after a natural disaster, and those who might have prevented the disaster from happening in the first place, generally speaking engineers and politicians.
Many great moments in American art have taken us into the heat of competition; generally speaking, however, art that references the world of sports finds its niche at the dead center of mainstream culture, churned out by schlock mills, marketed in "starving artist" sales at airport motels, or, worse yet, sold in "theme art" galleries that specialize in ripping off their clientele with dubious merchandise and hard sell about "investment potential.
Generally speaking, return-to-running programs involve starting at a pain-free level and only increasing mileage by 10% per week.
Generally speaking, in an article meant to be persuasive, there should be at least three pieces of credible proof backing the assertions being made (preferably proof from several different reliable sources).
Generally speaking, the cornier the dance, the more suitable it is for this kind of program.
Generally speaking, neighbors desiring quiet and privacy had less success in imposing their will on more sociable people and were more likely to be forced to move.
Generally speaking, we are only harvesting about 30 percent of the genetic potential for most plants.
Generally speaking, IRC section 2503(b) allows donors an annual gift tax exclusion on the first $11,000 (the statutory $10,000 adjusted for inflation for 2003) of gifts made to each person during the year.

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