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Poetry, generally speaking, is the expression of the deeper nature; it belongs peculiarly to the realm of the spirit.
But, though luxurious, the Norman nobles were not generally speaking an intemperate race.
Generally speaking, he appeared to be in a delicate state of health.
the upper decks of steamboats, but generally speaking, the hurricane's
He began from this discourse to let me voluntarily into all his affairs, and to tell me in a frank, open way all his circumstances, by which I found he was very well to pass in the world; but that great part of his estate consisted of three plantations, which he had in Virginia, which brought him in a very good income, generally speaking, to the tune of #300, a year, but that if he was to live upon them, would bring him in four times as much.
Generally speaking, Cate Blanchett is generally speaking
Referees, generally speaking, are different sorts of people than players.
Generally speaking, it has been taken for granted that the educational reform in Japan has been turning gradually toward globalization.
Things were much better when, generally speaking, visiting was about 2pm-4.
Generally speaking, 2006 hasn't been regarded as an especially strong year for movies, but part of that may be because the two best ones are just now making their way to theaters.
Generally speaking, the partnership distributes the assets of the partnership, the real estate, to the partners pro-rata by deed.

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