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Section V runs from 541a7 to 542b4, and it deals with the generalship of Athens; Ion is at this point compared to Proteus.
These desirable and undesirable qualities of generalship can be used to measure corporate leadership.
McIlroya ndhisNorthern Irish chum Graeme McDowell are another ready-made pairing and, given G-Mac's generalship and ability to handle pressure,ashedemonstratedin the crucial final singles at Celtic Manor in 2010, he is just as likely as McIlroy to triumphinthesingles.
The topics include the Habsburg defense system in Hungary against the Ottomans in the 16th century as a catalyst of military development in Central Europe, the Polish-Lithuanian army in the reign of King Stefan Bathory 1576-86, Russia in the international mercenary market in the early 17th century, the view from Remmal Khoja's History of Sahib Gerey Khan of Crimean Tatar long-range campaigns, the scientific revolution and generalship in the Habsburg army 1686-1723, and Ottoman military power in the 18th century.
From this, Cohen writes, Americans formed a low opinion of British generalship (fortified by Braddock's disaster of 1755 in the west), giving the colonials the courage to take on the British in 1775.
Written by Jonathan Riley, one of Britain's most experienced frontline generals, "A Matter of Honour" is both a biographical portrait as well as a study in generalship. While providing his own insight from serving as a military commander, Riley follows Brock through his early years and service up to his death at the Battle of Queenston Heights.
Iran has also been shut out of the secretary generalship since the revolution.
There is a generalship about the way he plays at London Irish.
Cuba hosted the 14th summit of the Nonaligned Movement (NAM) in 2006, and holds the Secretary Generalship of the NAM until its next summit in 2009.
American Generalship: Character Is Everything: The Art of Command by Edgar F.
He joined the Islamic Research Academy, Karachi as a Research Assistant (1963) and raised to its Secretary Generalship (1969).
"Joe has good ring generalship but Roy has more ring generalship than Joe.