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adding FOUR and FOURTEEN generates T, FOUR and EIGH
Companies with FTC carryforwards must assess their ability to generate the appropriate type of future net foreign source income.
The reaction also produces carbon dioxide and methane, and the latter might be burned to generate more energy, Dumesic suggests.
Partners are paid automatically each month once they generate revenue over $25 / [pounds sterling]25.
The researchers found equations that reproduce the chief characteristics of the electrical signals required to generate the lamprey's distinctive swimming motion.
You start with random seeds thousands of bits long and generate these long strings of random numbers.
9 APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, marks a significant step forward producing commercial semiconductor lasers that generate blue light.
Although researchers have known for more than 50 years that the amount and characteristics of underwater sound seem to depend on wind speed, they have only recently uncovered the link between the extent and strength of breaking waves and the number of microbubbles produced, which in turn generate the noise heard underwater.
This "canard" would mimic a dragonfly's technique by sharply shifting its angle of attack to generate vortices to order.
Catalytic MCS enables algorithm developers to continue using MATLAB to enhance their algorithms and instantly generate C-code for that model.
The electricity it generates is added to the state's power grid through Haywood Electric Membership Corporation (EMC), one of 38 electric utilities offering the NC GreenPower program to customers statewide.
FuelCell Energy develops and markets ultra-clean power plants that generate electricity with higher efficiency than distributed generation plants of similar size and with virtually no air pollution.