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Pretending to look earnestly at this respectable person's stomach, Roderick assured him that his snake was a copper-head and had been generated by the immense quantities of that base metal with which he daily defiled his fingers.
She found her former ability to have generated to the production of a hollow rush of wind through the lips, and no clear note at all.
Tulkinghorn's windows, and plenty more has generated among his furniture and papers.
By an electrical device the volume of magnetism generated is regulated and the speed of the car varied.
When Socrates, in Charmides, tells us that the soul is cured of its maladies by certain incantations, and that these incantations are beautiful reasons, from which temperance is generated in souls; when Plato calls the world an animal; and Timaeus affirms that the plants also are animals; or affirms a man to be a heavenly tree, growing with his root, which is his head, upward; and, as George Chapman, following him, writes,--
At one end is a mighty revolving drill operated by an engine which Perry said generated more power to the cubic inch than any other engine did to the cubic foot.
Joan Lackland--just an assemblage of letters, of commonplace letters, but an assemblage that generated a subtle and heady magic.
Pity and compassion had been generated in the subterranean barracoons of the slaves and were no more than the agony and sweat of the crowded miserables and weaklings.
And it can well be understood, in such environment, how there was generated in the lonely, neglected boy much of the bitterness and hostility for his kind that later was to express itself in deeds so frightful as to terrify the world.
Bureaucracy, a gigantic power set in motion by dwarfs, was generated in this way.
These jets of light, rapid in nature, and of frequent recurrence, they attributed to thunderstorms generated in the lunar atmosphere.
To prevent their heating, because this heat would be generated by the motion which is thus lost by transformation.