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Alfalah GHP Islamic prosperity planning fund - active allocation plan-II generated a return of 7.
In all, local sources in districts with the lowest tax rates generated nearly $11,752 per pupil, while local sources in districts with the highest tax rates generated nearly $5,783 per pupil, the Reporter found.
When the property disposed of generated several types of income over several years, the loss is allocated to the class of gross income generated by the property during the tax year or years immediately preceding the disposition.
In addition to the future revenue generated by the backlog, the company needs to forecast its manufacturing and other operating costs.
Patterns of weight gain and loss throughout a 30-day cycle can also be generated in graph form.
Two-thirds of that revenue is generated in Ontario.
This cut down the number of deficiency notices generated for 1989.
Failure to understand the inherent variability of generated numbers will result in inaccurate decisions at all levels of the decisionmaking process.
These statistics show the auction industry has seen a progressive increase in the number of auctions and dollars generated in 2006 over previous years.
Although accounting for more than half of all online video content consumed - user generated videos will make up just 15% of total revenues.
The business-to-business category includes the sale of office equipment, fuel and computers and generated $1.
Moreover, they can prove that breaking a randomly generated instance of their new cryptosystem is equivalent to working out the hardest possible case.