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Another approach for generating consistent warm leads is to identify major centers of influence in the community, such as chambers of commerce, hospital boards and bank boards, and to become involved in committees having the most new business potential.
Let me now move to a different generating set, namely the names of the chemical elements.
Even a hacker who is very smart and is willing to mount a brute-force attack shouldn't be able to predict anything about what random numbers you're generating," Wagner says.
There are 400 conventional nuclear plants in the world, generating a sixth of global electricity.
The NTP studies a wide variety of environmental, industrial, and consumer products for their toxic effects using a broad array of test systems, for the purpose of generating data to strengthen the scientific foundations for risk assessment.
That meant that in the short term, generating its own power wouldn't save Sigma much, if anything, over buying electricity on the outside.
There has been interest in starting new generating projects in northwestern Ontario, including a small co-generation project between Lakehead University and a hospital, he says, but little action as of yet.
Increased performance demands require new approaches for generating parity in RAID controllers.
While this approach does often succeed in generating a solution, it is almost assured not to produce the best solution.

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