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Known for their optimism, education, collaborative ability, open-mindedness, and drive, Generation Y are the hottest commodities on the job market.
It's not like he sat down and assigned coefficients for hardships and accomplishments, or calculated what the ratio between opportunity and outcome should be, or figured out whether one should subtract for embarrassments and shortcomings, or actually divide by them, all in an effort to come up with an equation that would yield a Greatest Generation Coefficient by which we would rank Founders and Boomers, World War II troopers and Gilded Age inventors, Civil Warriors and Manifest Destineers.
College completion rates quadruple from 3 percent for the immigrant generation to 12 percent for their children.
On the subjects of labor roles and relations, Censer concludes that while the older generation found the free labor system onerous and met it, oftentimes, with a sort of sullen defiance, members of the second and especially the youngest generation were keen on establishing domestic competence as housewives; for them, in an equation at odds with our modern day sensibility, domesticity connoted independence--freedom from their mothers' embittering reliance on black labor.
Small group guidance and counseling can be an effective and efficient way of providing services to a group of first generation students, who can then continue to provide support to each other throughout the process and after they have entered college.
Providing a comprehensive offer that spans across these next generation storage solutions becomes very difficult without a common delivery approach.
Say hello to Generation X--those bold and inquisitive twenty- and thirty-something physicians who are now fully immersed in the health care workforce and are indeed different from the physicians of the past.
Today, the real or imagined battles between the civil rights generation and the hip-hop generation have a great deal to do with the former clinging to policies and programs that highlight their best days instead of promoting a new political agenda for black Americans.
According to a Web page posted by the Family Business Forum of Rutgers University, "more than 80 percent of first generation family firms do not survive to the second generation and only 13 percent evolve to the third generation.
The book is less for the hip-hop generation, but more for an older generation--baby boomers, perhaps--to provide them with a foundation to help reconnect with their children.
The anxieties of having finally achieved cultural preeminence and political authority in uninteresting times seems to have particularly burdened the baby boomer generation.
So there is an ideological purpose in choosing the generation of World War II, and then in choosing the warriors of that time to represent "greatness.

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