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Most importantly, though, generative mechanisms being the common basis for causal laws between experiments and extra-experimental reality can ground the epistemic significance of experimental results and their extra-experimental application.
The more people rely on cell phones rather than PCs as the platform for online communication, the more they will likely move from a generative to a sterile technological environment.
You don't want a board that says, "Okay, once a year we'll really do generative work.
Generative programming has been recently observed mostly as a discipline of object-oriented programming.
Dollahite, Hawkins, and Brotherson (1997) built on work by Snarey (1993) and others to develop the concept of generative fathering to describe fathering that responds readily and consistently to a child's developmental needs over time.
However, generic and generative approaches for the implementation and application of such educational software (ES) are neither in the center of actual research interests nor have they been realized frequently.
Perhaps these two cities are generative of the gardens, and yet these are spaces which are secret to the city, spaces which are habitable when the city is not ("O you who dwell in the gardens," 8.
Take the example of Airbus's project on generative design.
Generative modeling lets designers create interesting designs.
Keywords: Feature learning, distribution modeling, generative score space
The outcomes that can be realized when the public and social services sectors work in generative partnerships are validated by a Nobel Prize-winning economist.

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