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In Weil's last writings, such as the powerful essay I quote from below, "Contradiction," the convergences between all the disjunctive things she had read and experienced began to point not to negation, nothing, a dead-end of meaninglessness, but to a productive space, a location for the "void" in the world that for her came to signal both the real "real" and the unfathomable presence of otherness, the sacred, as well as a generatively tremulous place of action, of new beginning:
In the case of cacao, multiplication of plants is generally made generatively using seeds and vegetative.
For Bob, "Anything that can be conceived can be achieved -- provided it is generatively defined and passionately pursued.
The accusation that in some way Levi's narrative may border on the sensational and voyeuristic is primarily based on two detailed, elongated, generatively imagined torture and humiliation passages.
Though it may feel like trying to capture lightning in a jar, it is, nevertheless, important that as a field we learn to generatively study the use of technologies that may well be obsolete before the ink has dried on papers that report findings and provide warrants for its usefulness.

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