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OrthogenRx focuses on the commercialization of generic Class III orthopedic medical devices to provide solutions for osteoarthritis, with a product already approved and for commercial sale.
Fentanyl TDS was the first generic class II narcotic TDS ever approved and remains the only approved AB-rated alternative to Duragesic.
This patented technology, recognized as the newest generic class of high performance coatings, combines the performance of a polysiloxane with an organic resin.
Recently recognized by the Federal Trade Commission as a generic class of fiber (just like cotton, silk, and polyester), PLA can be used for clothing, carpets, bedding, packaging, and other products.
In this subclass, there are interactions with the proposed topics to other platforms and to other subclasses inside the fiber engineering generic class.
HCDAS as a generic class can cover three basic analytical axes:
The framework consists of generic class hierarchies modeling the concepts from the different layers of the Dexter model.
A preferred European government specified coating component is micaceous iron oxide (MIO) in almost every generic class.
Although it has been classified as a distinct new generic class of crystalline engineering thermoplastic, the new Amodel polyphthalamide family from Amoco Performance Products, Inc.
It also hopes to perform throughout the duration of the contract shall be 1 year, renewable 3 times, all extensions on each of the sites on which are installed about 11,000 RJ45 brand Infra + generic class E Category 6 shielded.
observe the relationship of fiber cross-sectional shape to generic class and end usage.
The contributions of Coran and Patel led to advances in the technology of dynamic vulcanization of elastomer/ thermoplastic compositions, in addition to the discovery of elastomeric alloys, an extremely useful generic class of thermoplastic elastomers with properties and performance closely approaching those of thermoset rubbers and the delineation of the chemistry and morphology of elastomeric alloys.

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