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If I mistake not, he will prove to be sui generis, and akin to no other reptile in creation.
6) Thus, there is pressure on legislatures worldwide to enact new legislation to create sui generis rights to protect the contents of valuable databases.
In a special act, the Legislature provided for creation of CREF as a sui generis company, Latin for one of a kind, for the sole purpose of funding variable annuities.
It is common for ethnic groups to proclaim that their values are distinctive, just as their mothers are sui generis.
What are the mechanisms, existing or proposed as well as legal or business custom, for protecting information contained in databases generally, and what are the policy implications of allowing or refusing protection for genomic and genetic databases, whether through intellectual property or sui generis protection?
None of the cases interpreting the scope of [section]242(a)(2)(B)(ii)'s catch-all phrase, "any other [discretionary] decision of the attorney general [except asylum[," has explored the doctrine known as "ejusdem generis," which can be determinative in interpreting the scope of such catch-all phrases.
Both of these books rightly conclude that Nixon's actions were sui generis.
One of Kirk's achievements in The Conservative Mind was to advance a revival of interest in the work of another religious thinker: Orestes Brownson, a figure so sui generis as to elude placement in school accounts of American intellectual history.
In Generis, 405 US 93 (1972), the Supreme Court considered whether the taxpayer's payment under an indemnification agreement qualified as a business or nonbusiness bad debt.
Author of the justly acclaimed and sui generis Diccionario de autores latinoamericanos (2002), whose conventional title hides a treasure trove of quirky and fascinating interpretations of "odd" authors, Aira is only now acquiring the recognition he has long deserved.
The current technological developments are blurring, to some extent, this distinction and some hybrid sui generis systems are emerging.
But, viewed in and for itself, and perhaps because it came so close to being sui generis, the LA art of Ferus's heyday--of Price, Kauffman, and others in the '60s--still looks terrific.