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If I mistake not, he will prove to be sui generis, and akin to no other reptile in creation.
Others before him seem to have hinted that they may be hostis humani generis.
According to the court's decision, the sui generis right protects the actual obtaining of the data for the database, not the creation of the data.
I say this in support of this publication that merits to be placed in libraries of sui generis literature.
The book is a cautionary tale of the pitfalls of trying to base universalist theoretical propositions on one or two national cases, especially when they are as sui generis as these two.
Much of the legislation was inspired by New York's Anti-Terrorism Preparedness Act, passed last year, though the restrictions on city resolutions appear to be sui generis.
He believes, as Benedict XV wrote in his 1917 encyclical Humanis Generis, that 'some of the things revealed by Cod terrorize weak and corrupt human nature and are not in a position to attract the masses'.
In a special act, the Legislature provided for creation of CREF as a sui generis company, Latin for one of a kind, for the sole purpose of funding variable annuities.
6) Thus, there is pressure on legislatures worldwide to enact new legislation to create sui generis rights to protect the contents of valuable databases.
What this means is that, in construction of "laws, wills, and other instruments" (such as insurance policies), the ejusdem generis rule dictates, "Where general words follow an enumeration of .
It is common for ethnic groups to proclaim that their values are distinctive, just as their mothers are sui generis.
What are the mechanisms, existing or proposed as well as legal or business custom, for protecting information contained in databases generally, and what are the policy implications of allowing or refusing protection for genomic and genetic databases, whether through intellectual property or sui generis protection?