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But he in his blind generosity assumed that she was alluding to her deplorable history and hastened to mutter:
It would take no end of generosity, no end of gentleness to forgive such a dead set.
As to the apprehension of bestowing bounty on such as may hereafter prove unworthy objects, because many have proved such; surely it can never deter a good man from generosity.
But because of your incredible generosity, it was reached in just 48 hours.
During last Friday's visit to the Torbat-e Jam refugee camp, located some 80 kilometers from the Afghan border, Guterres publicly praised Iran's long record of generosity to Afghan nationals and called on the international community to act quickly to ensure the Afghan refugees could return home.
Summary: Children's charity, All As One, has been overwhelmed by the generosity of individuals and organisations in Dubai who have given monetary donations, clothes and toys to help the children in its Sierra Leone orphanage.
The dominant Christianity found expression not in the current narrow-mindedness of the fight, but in the generosity of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.
The Capps' ordeal was made much easier by the generosity of others, however.
her generosity toward veterans has always been an act of love.
But the generosity of Lynn's colleagues in the health profession left her astounded.
Although this is a huge amount of money to raise every year, it is thanks to the generosity of our supporters that Kirkwood is able to continue to provide its services, free of charge, to the people of
Since Guide Dogs rely entirely on people's generosity to carry out their work, this money - raised through the generosity of the people of Coventry - is truly appreciated.