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So on May 13, I took everything I could get my hands on -- cash from everyone who came courting my vote, never mind if I did not in fact vote for the generous giver; free transportation and meals, T-shirts, caps, umbrellas, ballpens, basketballs - the whole gamut of election give-aways.
Mengi was a generous giver. He donated cash to groups of the disabled and upon the death of his son, Rodney Mutie Mengi in 2005, he started the Rodney Mutie Mengi Foundation through which he has been sponsoring children to undergo lifesaving heart surgeries in India.
She then listed down all the good things about him, such as being a 'generous giver' to the point where he forgets to give to himself, and giving his '100 percent' whenever he performs on stage.
Those who know me can attest to the fact I am a generous giver, always willing to reach out and help the less privileged.
On an international scale, the UAE has also been a generous giver of time, resources and financial support when natural calamities or conflicts arise.
"Working with (director) George Miller is a highlight because he's the most kind, expressive and generous giver of knowledge, and he has a lot.
"There are more than two hundred and thirty five different things I can say about the wonder, the grandeur, the accomplishment and the spirit that is America - the powerful nation and generous giver. It is the history of a mighty - nay, the mightiest - country that never occupied but always contributed.
GENEROUS GIVER Ella with Bob Robinson, a donor who heard about her plight and gave pounds 1,000 to her mum''s charity to help find a cure for her GOOD TIMES Ella with dad James and aunt Katy on her fourth birthday in October at the Alan Shearer Centre
During this cycle, among approximately 6,000 political action committees, CUNA was the 18th most generous giver to federal candidates, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Eighty-nine turkeys were distributed, funded in part by a $300 donation from one generous giver.
Married with two children, he is a generous giver to charities.
Get the hang of it and the Focus is beautifully balanced and a generous giver for pleasure seekers.