generous giving

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Frankly I think the school was generous giving them this deadline.
Kenneth said: "Johnny was very much over the moon on Saturday and he wishes to thank Stuart for being so generous giving him this gift.
We at the food pantry are so thankful the generous giving of so many community organizations, schools, churches, businesses and individuals.
It also expressed its appreciation for their generous giving, which is part of their social responsibility for humanitarian and charity work.
You will look generous giving others what you no longer need, with those leftovers you will want to conceal your faults, and wishing to do good you will do ill because you will be distributing your possessions indiscriminately.
We are very grateful to our congregation for their very generous giving.
The report said the generous giving reflected the practice of "Sangha Dana", where the country's Theravada Buddhist majority donate to support those living a monastic lifestyle.
Grandparents really are generous giving up their time and money to help with childcare over the summer holidays.
He conveyed expressions of gratitude from the refugees to the State of Kuwait, His Highness the Amir and people for their generous giving.
The generous giving came in the form of donations at the Castlegate shopping Centre in Stockton, during visits to Santa in his grotto.
The world doesn't need more tournament champions - it needs more generous giving.
In a statement during its meeting chaired by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the cabinet described the strategy of the generous giving for women as a continuation as the UAE leadership's policy.