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Many of these reviews specifically mention Steve and his geniality.
Dundee was loved for his avuncular warmth, his integrity, his story-telling and his geniality as much as his ringcraft.
Sometimes these are at the expense of the subjects, but frequently Zoffany, whose self-portrait is interpolated with irrepressible geniality into almost any social gathering (in one instance he appears reflected in a tea urn), is the butt of his own humour.
At best, it's like the bedside manner of a physician whose geniality portends unwelcome news and a dose of stern advice.
Brimming with an irresistible Gallic geniality, general manager Eric Feniet has gathered a team determined to make you as welcome has he does and to make your stay something special.
Would this dance expert, famed for his geniality and brutal honesty in equal measure, be impressed by Anne and Sylvia's improvised jive?
This is an important study, one that does its part to rehabilitate Haydn's image by stripping away the patina of geniality and naive bumpkinry associated with "Papa" to reveal a more human figure, complex and multifaceted in his contradictions.
His four offspring did not recall their father's geniality, and easy approach to life.
But there will be no such geniality if the Hearts ace damages his pal's title hopes this weekend.
The crisp geniality of progressive bluegrass and the polished heartache of modern country both have a home in WPA," The New York Times wrote in its Aug.
He said: "The geniality afficionados in my family have helped prove Ireland was just a setting off point of the last man they had records for.
Meanwhile, Chesterton's talents and geniality had made him the center of an admiring circle.