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Ross's direction doesn't steal the limelight from a cast who are enjoying themselves and their geniality is infectious.
No matter what the constraints and shortcomings, Ramzan has still been marked with charity, largesse and will be celebrated with similar geniality; a redeeming trait, one which the Governing can learn from the governed.
This attempt was shut out by the geniality in the book which, at one point, states ''RAW is at least as good as we are.'' Contrary to the common belief, the book does not spill any major beans, at least not any that would harm the sensitivity that national security entails.
At the same time, women and transgender people throughout the country may never know the geniality and softness of real Islam.
'Tis the season of China-India geniality, at least in terms of style.
Fortunately, Jimmy (the titular doppelgnger played by Wilson with "aw shucks" geniality), a vacationing Kindergarten teacher from Quincy, Illinois and a dead ringer for Thomas, shows up.
If Woods is a changed man off the course with his smiles and geniality, he is also a very different player from his heyday.
Credible research is buttressed by "here's how it played out for me" stories, and his humor and geniality shine through, making this feel a bit more memoir-ish than the typical creativity guide.
Elsewhere, such geniality was shown to be more complicated.
This is as far from the gentle geniality of Beatrice Potter's originals as can be.
I soon became aware of his reputation for roofing knowledge and his geniality. When I joined BUILDINGS in 2009, I discovered that he was a regular and valued contributor.
These wondrous colours mixed together, shaping Shahin, do not represent chaos and randomness, but rather the geniality of the blending and coexistence of all contradictory walks of life encapsulated in EgyptoCfor this country absorbs all strangers to make them Egyptian.